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Reclaimed with Ink

A Documentary Film


Your body is all you really truly possess. It is the physical space that houses your soul. If that gets taken away, it can completely reduce who you think you are, unless you can find a way to reclaim it. UnScarred will tell the story of people who have been physically scarred, through trauma or illness, losing something that was uniquely theirs and, through the art of tattoo, have become empowered and reclaimed their bodies.


Inspired, the by the story of breast cancer survivor Molly Weingart, the film will shed light on issues of mental health and self-identity through people using art to take back control of their bodies. The stories of survivors will challenge viewers to reevaluate tattoo stigmas and encourage them to question where these taboos originated and if they are still relevant today.


UnScarred’s message transcends race, religion, ethnicity, gender and sexual orientation. Each survivor’s story is unique but they are united in the commonality of using body art as a form of healing. The mission of this film is to make people aware of this type of healing while shedding light on issues of stigma, mental illness and body dysmorphia.


The film will highlight the impact tattoos have had on each person’s life as they overcame their own personal struggles and tattoo taboos in order to find great joy, relief and empowerment. To some this film will serve as inspiration for them to take the next steps in their tattoo journey and for those who come in with biases it should leave them asking the questions of what those biases are rooted in and why. 

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