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UnScarred art fundraiser

Join our project by submitting a piece of artwork. 

Digital print deadline: MARCH 16

use the form below to submit work.

We are asking for submissions of prints or original pieces. Submissions of any medium (paint, ink, pencil, mixed media, textile, mosaic, glass, sculpture, photography, collage, wood or metal art, etc.). Prints of pre-existing, original pieces are also welcome. The subject matter does not need to relate to the film. Artists will be featured on our website, social media channels, and included in the 'Thank You' credits of the film. 


original piece deadline: April 1

Work in the Chicago-area will be picked up before the deadline. We’ll need your help shipping if located outside of Chicago, but we’ll build the cost of shipping into the purchase price to ensure it’s covered.

Mission of Fundraiser:

Artwork will be auctioned off in efforts to raise funds for UnScarred, an independent documentary that is currently in production. The film will feature survivors, all physically scarred by trauma or illness: cancer, paralysis, gender reassignment, rare medical conditions, abuse. 


The film will explore the power of tattoo for scarred survivors. All funds will be used for the making of the film (costs include but are not limited to: equipment and gear, crew, travel costs for crewmembers and survivors, legal fees, file storage, editing, animation, music licensing, color correcting, and distribution). No funds will be used for the services of tattoo artists.

shipping your artwork


If you're willing to cover the costs of shipping and mail the piece to us by March 16, the address is below:


Big Teeth Productions
4001 N. Ravenswood Ave. Suite 301
Chicago, IL 60613


Otherwise, we ask that you photograph your piece and include jpeg or png files when submitting your work. We will provide you with the buyer's address after the purchase is made.

If you're planning on donation a print via an electronic file, please follow the guidelines below: 

  • Standard ratios (1:1 / 2:3 / 3:4 / 4:5) If your print is not at a standard ratio, please add a border. Otherwise, we will add it for you to avoid cropping. 

  • 300 dpi

  • 4000 px or higher

  • RGB 

electronic file information

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