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Love of bare, november days

By Jenny halpern

16" x 24" painting on canvas

Retail Value: $950

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Jenny halpern

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Jenny Halpern is a painter living in Chicago. Her work has been exhibited at Hyde Park Art Center, CNL Projects and Terrain Exhibitions, Woman Made Gallery, and galleries at the School of the Art Institute of Chicago. Her paintings are sometimes sad. Sometimes they’re pleading. Maybe even desperate at times. But it’s a way to keep herself honest. She’s looking for what it means to be intimate.

Artist Statement

In my practice, I explore the tensions felt in the body by using imagery of abject bodies to represent obsession and desire and flowers as a metaphor for our sensitivities to shame and unrequited love.

Through chaos, I search for affect and a new kind of order. My painting approach is free and instinctual, and my marks range from fluid trails to frenzied gestures. Oftentimes, I will layer over previous paintings like burying shameful thoughts. I may incorporate hand-stained fabrics or adorn a work with floral marks in an attempt to mend my art and help its recovery. 

I reference handiwork and decaying flowers to represent the deteriorating perception of our past. Materials that remind me of when I was a little girl such as lint, weavings, and debris exist alongside (and often preserved within) paint and resin; I draw inspiration from natural elements — flowers, leaves, tears and sunlight — and abstract their interactions to reveal a sense of longing or feeling behind those private moments.

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