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Albino boy

By Brigitta Mathe

Retail Value: $750

16" x 15" Framed

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Brigitta Mathe

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Brigitta is a Hungarian tattoo artist. Before moving to the Chicago in 2019, she spent time in London developing her craft. She is proud and honored to use her talents towards helping people cover their scars with tattoo.


Brigitta is influenced by everything surrounding her, but mostly fascinated by imperfections. She loves realism and vintage blackwork and she likes the shine in your eyes. Even though, mostly a self-taught artist, she has learned a lot from different artists she worked with. She paints and draws with a lot of different media and techniques since she has been creating art all her life. Brigitta uses life as an inspiration, she spends time watching human faces and observing how different objects and materials reflect in the light.  

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