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Happy Shapes

By Olivia Schroeder

10" x 10" Original Embroidery print



To buy now:


with code "ORG17" in the subject.

You will see a confirmation of your purchase.

starting bid: $30

Bid Increment: $10

Bidding will close on 4/9 at 9:00 pm.

You will be notified via email if you win.

More details up close:

IMG_20200829_173712 - Olivia Schroeder.j
IMG_20200829_173717 - Olivia Schroeder.j

Retail Value: $30

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Olivia Schroeder



This piece was created by turning an embroidered piece into a risograph print. The embroidery is inspired by a series I did about happy shapes. I made a hieroglyphic language of a list of things that make me happy and turned it into a series. 

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