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UnScarred project information

log line & MORE

Log Line: UnScarred is the story of survivors, physically scarred through trauma or illness who, despite cultural stigmas or religious traditions, reclaim their bodies through the art of tattoo.

More Information:

  • UnScarred will shed light on issues of mental health and self-identity through the stories of people fighting to take back control of their bodies.

  • UnScarred will examine the relationship between the tattoo artist and the survivor and how the empathy, skill, and compassion involved with this type of tattoo work is crucial, forging deep and long-lasting relationships.

  • UnScarred will seek to discover if having an artist to use your body as a canvas may change your body image allowing you to find power within.

survivor copy

My story will be told in UnScarred, a documentary film that will examine healing & reclamation through the art of tattoo. I am hoping to be an inspiration for other survivors living with scars. We are raising funds for production and would love for you to join us in making this project come to life. 

Short copy 

  • Join us on our journey to bring this film to life.

  • I’m just one of the few people helping bring this film to life.

  • Join our mission to tell the stories of survivors.

  • Together, we can make this film and change lives.

  • Support the UnScarred project and the stories we are telling.

why support the film

UnScarred is an independent documentary that is currently in production. The film has partnered with the Center for Independent Documentary, and through this partnership, all donations to the film are tax-deductible.


(Costs include but are not limited to: equipment and gear, crew, travel costs for crewmembers and survivors, legal fees, file storage, editing, animation, music licensing, color correcting, and distribution).


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