original artwork

Artwork has been donated by artists from around the world. Ensure your purchase and "Buy Now" or place a bid.

You will receive a tax deduction for the purchase price minus retail value. 

JennyHalpern-1 - Jenny Halpern (1).png

16" x 24" Framed

JennyHalpern-2 - Jenny Halpern (1).png

16" x 24" Framed

IMG_8282 - Stacie-Rae Weir (1).jpeg

8'5" x 11" Framed

Floating Leaf City - Chai Wolfman.jpeg

11" x 14" Framed

Items are in a set, 16" x 24"

5" x 7" Framed

gift cards & other originals

20210226_124519 - Rayvin Carlson.jpeg

Handmade earrings

20210301_114459 - Rayvin Carlson.jpeg

Handmade earrings

Original Coloring Book

Assorted holiday & postcards